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Pam McGowan Ladetto
8915 Grove Park Drive

Oak Ridge, NC.  27310

Phone:  (248) 882-1208


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Retired Pieces

General Village Acc.

  Product Price
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  6 Socket Light Set 120 volt(99279)"PICTURE" $15.00
  4TH OF July Decorating (Set/5 53024) "NO PICTURE" $35.00
  Animated A New Bike For Christmas (53409) "PICTURE" $105.00
  Bald Eagle Nesting 52972 PICTURE sold out
  Bears In The Birch 52743"PICTURE" sold out
  Bicycle & Tricycle"PICTURE" $42.00
  Birch Tree Cluster (52631)"PICTURE" $18.00
  Birds Out Back (52866)"PICTURE" $58.00
  Brick Road"PICTURE" sold out
  Cats & Dogs Set/6 (52828)"PICTURE" $27.00
  Camden Park Square (52687)"PICTURE" sold out
  Celebration Tree 2000"PICTURE" $98.00
  Chain Link Fence Extention Set/4 (52353)"PICTURE" sold out
  Chain Link Fence & Gate Set/3 (52343)"PICTURE" sold out
  Christmas Band (53310) PICTURE $54.00
  Christmas Bells Event Piece (98711) "PICTURE" sold out
  Christmas Carolers (58631) "PICTURE" $45.00
  Christmas Eav Trim "PICTURE" sold out
  Christmas Front Yard (53318) "PICTURE" $150.00
  Christmas In The Forest (53178) "PICTURE" $52.00
  Churchyard Fence Extensions (58076)"PICTURE" sold out
  Churchyard Fence & Gate ! Curved 1 Straight Section 55638"PICTURE" sold out
  Churchyard Gate & Fence 2 Curved Section 58068"PICTURE" sold out
  City Landscape Set/13 (62993)"PICTURE" sold out
  City Trolly 53054"PICTURE" sold out
  Cobblestone Road (59846) "NO PICTURE" sold out
  Craggy Cliff Platform (52794)"PICTURE" sold out
  Craggy Oak Tree (52748)"PICTURE" $45.00
  Deer In The Woods (52953)"PICTURE" $52.00
  Double Pine Trees (52619)"NO PICTURE" sold out
  Downtown Tinsel Trim (809014)"NO PICTURE" sold out
  Easter Decorating Set (53021) "No PICTURE" $95.00
  Election Yard Signs (52953)"PICTURE" sold out
  Elegant Christmas Topiaries"PICTURE" $45.00
  Evergreen Trees (S/3 52051)"PICTURE" sold out
  Family Winter Outing"PICTURE" $48.00
  Fieldstone Entry Gate (52718)"PICTURE" $26.00
  Fieldstone Fireplace (53010)"PICTURE" $48.00
  Fieldstone Footbridge (52827)"PICTURE" $98.00
  Fieldstone Stairway (52826)"PICTURE" $54.00
  Fieldstone Wall Set/6 (52717)"PICTURE" $70.00
  Fieldstone Wall And Apple Tree (52768)"PICTURE" $100.00
  Fine Shoe Shine (58346)"PICTURE" $135.00
  Fire Works Fiber Optic (52727)"PICTURE" $158.00
  Fishing At Trout Lake"PICTURE" $108.00
  Flexible Sisal Hedge Set/3 small (52596 "PICTURE") sold out
  Flexible Sisal Hedge Set/3 Large (52662 "PICTURE") sold out
  Foxes In The Forest (52744)"PICTURE" $75.00
  Fresh Flower Cart (53106) "PICTURE" $60.00
  Frosted Topiary Set/4 (52019)"PICTURE" $30.00
  Frosted Topiary Set/8(52035)"PICTURE" $24.00
  Frosty Light Sprays (52682)"PICTURE" $34.00
  Garland and Bows (810842)"NO PICTURE" $36.00
  Go Fly A Kite"PICTURE" $78.00
  Good Fishing "PICTURE and Video" $148.00
  Good Year Blimp Look It's The (52501) "PICTURE" sold out
  Harvest Bounty (53108)"PICTURE" $88.00
  Harvest Feast (53045)"PICTURE" $103.00
  Hear Ye, Hear Ye (55523) "PICTURE" $28.00
  Here Fishy Fishy Ice House (52937) "PICTURE" $30.00
  Heritage Promotional Sign (99538)"PICTURE" $15.00
  Holly and Ivy (56100)"PICTURE" $26.00
  Holly Split Rail Fence w/Children"PICTURE" $42.00
  Ice Man Waiteth (53181)"PICTURE" $265.00
  International Flags (4024847)"PICTURE" $18.00
  Jingle Bell Sound Scene (53325)"PICTURE" $108.00
  Lamp Post Fence Extension,SV"PICTURE" $24.00
  Lighted Street Boulevard (53137)"PICTURE" $40.00
  Long May She Wave (4020248) "PICTURE" $18.00
  Lookout Tower "PICTURE" $22.00
  Main Street Lamp Post (4030895) "PICTURE" $29.00
  Mallard & Wood Duck s/2 (53002) "PICTURE" $148.00
  Majestic Woodlands Birds (52814) "PICTURE" $53.00
  Mill Creek Bridge"PICTURE" sold out
  Mill Creek Campsite (52894)"PICTURE" sold out
  Mill Creek Curved Section (52634) "PICTURE" sold out
  Mill Creek Park Bench (52654) PICTURE" sold out
  Mill Creek Pond (52651)"PICTURE" sold out
  Mill Creek Straight Section (52633)"PICTURE" sold out
  Mill Creek Wooden Bridge (52653)"PICTURE" sold ou
  Mill Falls Working Water Fall (52503)"PICTURE" sold out
  Moose In The Marsh (52742)"PICTURE" sold out
  Mountian Lion's Den (52864)"PICTURE" $59.00
  Mountain Creek Straight Section "PICTURE" sold out
  NCC Club House 1st Building "No PICTURE" $68.00
  NCC Ed the NCC Snowman "No PICTURE" $49.00
  NCC Traders Pins Shop (804011)"PICTURE" $56.00
  NCC Umbrella (Blue 02103) "PICTURE" $48.00
  NCC Umbrella (Green 02101) "PICTURE" $188.00
  NCC Umbrella (Red 02102) "PICTURE" $120.00
  NCC Umbrella (Yellow 02100) "NO PICTURE" $210.00
  NCC Umbrella (Silver 02104) "NO PICTURE" $164.00
  New Bike For Christmas Animated (53409) "PICTURE" $148.00
  Old World Street Lamps (St/4 55034) "PICTURE" $34.00
  One Horse Open Sleigh (59820) "PICTURE" $38.00
  Our Own Village Park Bench (02211) "PICTURE" $38.00
  Painting Our Own Village Sign"PICTURE" $38.00
  Park Bench-Metal"PICTURE" $20.00
  Parking Meters Village (802461)"PICTURE" $24.00
  Pequot Pines Small Mendum Large S/3 (52818)"PICTURE" $129.0
  Picket Fence (52078)"PICTURE" $27.00
  Pine Point Pond "PICTURE" $98.00
  Poinsettias Delivery Truck (59000)"PICTURE" $38.00
  Putting Green & Flags"PICTURE" $95.00
  Rocky Mt Wildlife Bear & Bob Cat (53047)"PICTURE" $79.00
  Red Ruby Carousel (53801)"PICTURE" sold out
  Santa's Sleigh (58603)"PICTURE" $175.00
  She Shoots, She Scores (809016)"NO PICTURE" $34.00
  Sled & Skis"PICTURE" $19.00
  Snow Children "PICTURE" sold out
  Snowy Evergreen Trees Small (52612) "PICTURE" $56.00
  Snowy Landscape Set "PICTURE" $58.00
  Snowy Scotch Pines "PICTURE" $44.00
  St Pactricks Day Decorating Set (53022)"PICTURE" sold out
  Stadium Lights (52845)"PICTURE" $130.00
  Stars & Stripes Forever"PICTURE" $78.00
  Stone Bridge (65463) "PICTURE" $23.00
  Stone Footbridge "PICTURE" $42.00
  Stone Holly Tree & Corner Posts(52649) "PICTURE" $38.00
  Stone Stairrway (52725)"PICTURE" $75.00
  String of 12 Bow Lights (810833)"PICTURE" $38.00
  String 12 Christmas Candy Lights(53187)"PICTURE" $34.00
  String 12 Santa Lights (53123)"PICTURE" $32.00
  String 20 Mini Brite Lites (52450)"PICTURE" $35.00
  String of Chasing Lights (4020259)"PICTURE" $27.00
  Ten Lights Set/42""PICTURE" $22.00
  Thoroughbreds (52747)"PICTURE" $40.00
  Towering Pines (52623)"PICTURE" $78.00
  Town Square Gazebo (55131) "PICTURE" $44.00
  Traffic Lights (55131) "NO PICTURE" $58.00
  Train Trestle (59811)"PICTURE" $31.00
  Trout Stream (52653)"PICTURE" $86.00
  Up In The Apple Tree"PICTURE" $50.00
  Urban Landscape (53197)"PICTURE" $72.00
  Up On The Roof Top (51390)"PICTURE" $20.00
  Utility Accessories 55123"PICTURE" $49.00
  Victorian Wrought Iron Fence/Gate (52523)"PICTURE" $75.00
  Village Flea Market"PICTURE" $69
  Village Front Yard (4020243)"PICTURE" $55.00
  Village Gazebo 52652"PICTURE" $36.00
  Village Junkyard"PICTURE" sold out
  Village Monuments (55524)"PICTURE" $45.00
  Village Scooters 810820"PICTURE" $66.00
  Village Sign and Bench (52882)"PICTURE" $30.00
  Village Sound Tape (55255)"PICTURE" $25.00
  Village Square Snowman (58638)"PICTURE" $62.00
  Visting Santa (402243)"PICTURE" $75.00
  Wagon Wheel Pine Grove (52617)"PICTURE" $58.00
  Weestmister Lights (4020256) "PICTURE" sold out
  Weiner Roast(53179) "PICTURE" $196.00
  Willow Tree (4020264) "PICTURE") $27.00
  Wolves In The Woods (52765)"PICTURE" $88.00
  Wooden Canoes "PICTURE" $52.00
  Wooden Rowboats (52797)"PICTURE" $40.00
  Woodland Animals At Cilffs Edge (52816)"PICTURE" $128.00
  Woodland Wildllife Animal Large s/6 (52813)"PICTURE" $84.00
  Woodland Wildllife Animal Small s/5 (55525)"PICTURE" $148.00
  Woodshed & Chopping Block(52895)"PICTURE" $78.00
  Wrought Iron Gate & Fence (55140) "PICTURE" $48.00
  Wrought Iron Fence 59994"PICTURE" $25.00
  Year Round Lighted Lawn Ornaments (53125)"PICTURE" $58.00

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