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Retired Pieces

Special Buildings & Items

For All Villages

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  Dept.56 Villages 2010 Village D-Tails Collectors Guide "PICTURE" $25
  Dept.56 Villages 2008 Village D-Tails Collectors Guide "PICTURE" $15
  Dept. 56 Villages 2003 Greenbook"PICTURE" $8
  Bachman's Flower Shop (08802) "NO PICTURE" Sold Out
  Bachman's Greenhouse (02203) "NO PICTURE" $198
  Bachman's Here Comes Santa (07744) "PICTURE" $48
  Bachman's Homestead Original 1885 (LE.7'500 02255) "NO PICTURE" $115
  Bachman's Hometown Series Boarding House By Sprague House Red-Wing, Mn.(Torn Sleeve 1987-06700) "No PICTURE" $195
  Bachman's Hometown Series Church (St. Paul Mn. Church 1987-06718) "No PICTURE" $295
  Bachman's Hometown Series Drugstore (1988=06726) "No PICTURE" sold out
  Bachman's Say It With Flowars (02204) "NO PICTURE" $58
  Bachmans Squash Cart (1995 0753-6) "PICTURE" $55
  Bachmans Tending The Cold Frame "PICTURE" $24
  Bachmans Wilcox Truck (08803) "PICTURE" $25
  Bronner's Original Store With His Biography Book(06277) "PICTURE" $175
  Broughton Christmas Here Comes Santa (07748) "NO PICTURE" $47
  Canadian Pub (58716) "NO PICTURE" Sold Out
  "Church Of The World"
  Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (Church's Of The World 57601)"PICTURE" $345
  ST. Paul's Cathedral, London (Church's Of The World 57603)"PICTURE" Sold Out
  ST. Peter's Basilica, Rome (Church's Of The World 57602)"PICTURE" sold out
  Crystal Ice King And Queen (S/2 58976) "PICTURE" $58
  Crystal Ice Palace (S/9 58922) "PICTURE" $395
  Frangos Factory (Marshall Fields 06320)"NO PICTURE" Sold Out
  Frangos Choco Shop (0630)"NO PICTURE" $385
  Frangos For You And I (06301)"NO PICTURE" sold out
  Grinch-Cindy Lou Who's House "PICTURE" $245
  Grinch-Farfingle's Department Store "PICTURE" Sold Out
  Grinch-Musical Seigh ( 59035 ) "NO PICTURE" $188
  Grinch Dr Suees Town Hall (59034)"PICTURE" $295
  Heinz Grocery (In A Square Box No #)"PICTURE" $58
  Heinz Hitch (02291) "NO PICTURE" Sold Out
  Heinz Horseradish Factory "PICTURE" Sold Out
  Heinz House (In A Rectangle Box No #)"PICTURE" $90
  Jack's Umbrella Shop NNC "PICTURE" $38
  Little Women (s/4 + book 56606) "PICTURE" $165
  Lionel Train Box Car) "No PICTURE" $97
  Lionel Water Tower (12958)"No PICTURE" $156
  Lord & Taylor Delivery wagon (7880) "No PICTURE" $158
  Lord & Taylor Flower Cart (2208)) "No PICTURE" $167
  Lord & Taylor Hot Air Balloon (02440) "No PICTURE" $178
  NCC Club House 1st Building "No PICTURE" $58
  NCC Ed the NCC Snowman "No PICTURE" $39
  NCC Traders Pins Shop (804011)"PICTURE" $46
  NCC Umbrella (Blue 02103) "PICTURE" $38
  NCC Umbrella (Green 02101) "PICTURE" $178
  NCC Umbrella (Red 02102) "PICTURE" $110
  NCC Umbrella (Yellow 02100) "NO PICTURE" $ 200
  NCC Umbrella (Silver 02104) "NO PICTURE" $154
  North Pole Father Christmas Journey (02244) "No PICTURE" $98
  Spam Museum (2003 06956) "PICTURE" $130
  State Farm Fire Station (#1 05709) "PICTURE" $225
  State Farm Ford "NO PICTURE" $38
  State Farm Main Street Memoeies) "PICTURE" $78
  Wells Fargo Historic Office (150 Annv.05930) "NO PICTURE" Sold Out
  Any Quarterly Since Beginning $3

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